Yuletide at Winterthur: Craft A Greeting Card

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Pamphlet-stitch greeting cards.
Tools Supplies
Ruler Cardstock
Scissors Decorated paper
Awl or large pin Cardstock
Bookbinding or tapestry needle (needle with a large eye) Embroidery floss, decorative twine, etc.
Craft knife and cutting mat (optional) Stickers, stamps, markers, colored pencils, or other materials for decorating
Bone folder (optional)
Finished Card Fits Standard Envelope Cut Cardstock Cut Decorated Paper
5.5" H x 4.5" W A6 5.5” H x 9.0” W 5.0” H x 8.0” W


1. Cut plain paper and decorated paper to desired size using scissors or a ruler and craft knife. The decorated paper can be cut to the same size as the plain paper, or slightly smaller to create a border effect.
2. Fold plain paper in half crosswise and set the crease with your hand, a bone folder or other flat tool.
3. Fold decorated paper in half crosswise and set the crease.
4. Nestle plain paper inside decorated paper and adjust so an even border of the plain paper shows at the top and bottom of the card (if applicable).

Punching holes in nested cardstock and decorated paper simultaneously.

5. Holding both papers in place, punch three holes along the folds using an awl, thumbtack, or large pin. The first hole should be ~¾” from the top edge of the card. The second hole should be ~¾” from the bottom edge of the card. The third hole should be evenly spaced between the top and bottom holes.
6. Cut a length of embroidery floss, colored bookbinding thread, decorative twine, or narrow decorative ribbon that is 3x the height of the card.
7. Thread the tapestry needle.
8. Start sewing by inserting the needle into the center hole from the outside of the card towards the inside. Leave a tail of about 3”.

Steps 8 and 9.

9. Insert the needle through the top hole from the inside towards the outside of the card.
10. Skip the center hole, and insert the needle in the bottom hole from the outside of the card toward the inside.

Steps 10 and 11.

11. Insert the needle through the center hole again, this time from inside to outside.

Finished greeting card.

12. You should have one long stitch on the outside of the card, with two tails of thread hanging out of the center hole. Making sure each tail is on an opposite side of the center stitch, tie the tails together in a standard square knot over the long stitch to cinch it tight.
13. Trim the ends of the tails to about ½” and use the top of the sewing needle to fray and fluff the ends into decorative tassels.
14. Decorate the card as you like with stickers, stamps, markers, colored pencils, or any other art materials you have on hand!